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David Armstrong

CIO, Founder and Chairman of Investment Team

David Armstrong is CIO, Founder and Chairman of the Collingwood Wealth Management team.  He oversees all investment and research activities of the firm. In addition to setting the overall philosophy of the firm, David chairs the CWM Investment Committee where decisions are made on allocation and asset strategies.

Prior to establishing Collingwood Wealth Management, David worked as Director of Investments for Oppenheimer & Company, where he started the firms current strategies that are still in place today. David is a graduate of Merrimack College in North Andover, MA.

David can be reached at [email protected]


Investment Specialists
Ryan Long, CFA®, Director of Investments

Portfolio Trading and Data Support
Michael Whisenhunt, Sr. Trading Manager
Eric Lukesh, Trading Specialist
Matt Fleming, Portfolio Data Specialist

Service Professionals
Sherine Chan, Service and Operations Manager
Eric Hanslits, Sr. Relationship Manager
Ellen Tennant, Relationship Manager
Soneeca Wilson, Relationship Manager
Drew Gremel, Relationship Manager
Casey Faubion, RM Support Specialist


We have a dedicated Service Team who consistantly strives to make your experience an enjoyable one.  They are constantly focused on providing exceptional customer service for all clients of Collingwood Wealth Management.

Service areas include:

  • Paperwork-Transfers/Title Changes/Distributions/Registations
  • Web Access/Billing/Financial Reports
  • Scheduling Client Meetings
  • Client Requests

Service Team can be reached at [email protected]


Our experienced Sales Team is dedicated to your success. While they are certainly well-versed in Collingwood's philosophy, the Sales Team additionally offers a wealth of resources on market trends and business development.  Please feel free to contact them at any time.

Sales Team can be reached at [email protected]